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What is your favorite memory of an outing you had with your family?

Did you go to the Zoo? Did you go to a pumpkin patch and then carve pumpkins? Did you take a trip to the coast and gather shells on the beach?

For many kids in foster care, happy memories like this are either few and far between or they just don’t exist. Unfortunately, these kids are just trying to survive in a world of trauma.

For the time that these children and teens are with us at TruLight Village, we want to make as many happy memories as we can for these kiddos!

Village Adventures is a new program wherein we find and create partnerships with local businesses and organizations who can help us provide positive experiences for our Village kids ... and do so cost-effectively, of course!

We think the goals of this program could be achieved in many different ways:

Perhaps you know of a business or organization that would be willing to host our kids for an outing.

Send us ideas for fun outings for kids or if you come across any group discounts or deals

Perhaps you have a talent you’d like to share with our kids. For example, an artist who would be willing to come and teach the kids how to paint.

For more information or to submit ideas, please contact our Events Coordinator by filling out the form below.

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