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When children come into foster care they often lose every connection they have ever known. These children struggle with building relationships in a healthy manner.

Do you have a gift or talent you can share with children? Or do you have some extra time that you want to devote to mentoring a child or teen? Can you babysit?

TruLight127 is searching for loving and kind individuals who want to pour into the lives of children.

Can you tutor? Teach an instrument? Teach art skills? Or simply take a few hours a month to hang out with a kid or family? Then we need you!!!

Mentoring Ideas:

  • Piano Lessons
  • Guitar Lessons
  • Painting lessons
  • Drawing Lessons
  • Transporting to and from appointments
  • Babysitting
  • Respite
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Respite Care
Transporting To/From Appointments
Talent-Based Mentoring

An individual child (one-on-one)
A group of children

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