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Wanted: Loving and nurturing families who will help these children heal.

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Answer God's call to care for the orphans

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The bruises and broken bones of abuse heal, but the emotional and mental pain these children endure is carried with them for a lifetime. This pain goes deeper than the outward appearance. They need us to walk with them in their pain. They need to know they are loved and accepted for who they are. They deserve better. We must do better.

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You may not be able to help them all but you can help one. See our Supportive Services.


This project is a tangible way to support foster families on a monthly basis. Monthly themed boxes are gifted to foster families. This is a monthly gift for up to a year that the family receives from the TruLight127 community.

How Do I Sponsor?

In emergency foster placements, families incur several hundred dollars of expenses before any state reimbursement. These children come with nothing except the clothes on their back, if not less. #ProjectWelcomeHome provides emergency essentials to these families so they can focus on caring for and comforting the child. 

What Are "Essentials"
Church & Community Connections

Prayer Teams, Meal Teams, Parent Day/Night Outs, Babysitters, etc. We want to teach churches how to come together in an organized manner that will empower, equip, and connect them to the “least of these”.

Organize A Group
Mentoring & Support Groups

Musicians, photographers, tutors, carpenters, mechanics . . . those who can engage children and foster an atmosphere of "I can" instead of "I can't". Parenting children from hard places is a difficult task but with the right support and resources it is not impossible.

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Do you share our belief that #everychildisworthit, but don't know where to start? Click the link below to sign up and we will help find a place for your heart!

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Source: Texas DFPS

171,228Cases Investigated

41,120Confirmed Cases Child Abuse/Neglect

7,788Children Waiting for Adoption

1,211Children Aged Out

Our Supporters Say . . . 

"I'd like to tell you that I have something spectacular to say -- but the truth is -- I chose TruLight because of you [Sondra] and your truly Christlike heart and the direction you are going. I can trust my family with you. I know you will be honest and upright. That you will not leave us hanging and that you truly care about these kids. You're it."

Charly(Foster/Adoptive Parent)

"Trulight has helped bring other foster families together by providing event get-togethers. It's a great feeling to know there are many other foster families all around you taking on the same journey. For all this I am very greatful for what their Agency has offered. Thank You, Trulight and Staff."

Diana(Foster Parent)

"There's no way I could have gotten through the process of adopting our two beautiful children without Sondra. She was my rock, my voice of reason, and most importantly, my friend. Fostering and adopting children is a huge life decision and there are no other hands that are more capable or that I recommend more highly than Sondra's."

Shannon(Foster/Adoptive Parent)