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TruLight127's Giving Tree Campaign

It Takes a Village to Build A Village

TruLight127's Giving Tree Campaign


An Exciting Opportunity To Meet THE NEED

As many of you know, we are in the process of building Guadalupe County's first emergency shelter for foster children; we call it TruLight Village. We already have two houses built & furnished of the 8 houses that are planned on our 10+ acre property. We have been officially licensed by DFPS and we happily open our homes to children and teens in September, 2019.

Many of you also know that since we opened TruLight Village, our staff has been operating between The Village in Seguin and our main office in Cibolo. While our staff has done a TREMENDOUS job of ensuring that our services to our foster families have remained responsive and of the highest quality that we are used to providing, we must admit that operating with a split staff has its challenges.

Our staff, which includes caseworkers, DFPS compliance, accounting, etc., we NEED to be housed in one location to ensure that we are offering the most individualized care to our foster families that we possibly can. When we place a child with one of our licensed families, it turns from helping "foster children" to getting the individualized care necessary for little "Johnny" or "Susie". Communication between our staff members needs to be quick and concise in order to build the best solutions for our foster families.

THE NEED: TruLight127 needs an administration building at TruLight Village, which would bring all of our services & staff under one roof.

An Anonymous Call-To-Action

We have been building a 3,600 sqft administration building which would also be used to house our foster parent training facility. Our partners since the beginning, Discovery Church, have graciously allowed us the use of their facilities to train foster families, but this building is an opportunity to operate on our own!

This past year, an anonymous donor contacted us and gifted a most generous amount so that we could break ground and begin construction on the new administration building . . . She then took an even bigger step and committed to donating another large amount. She had one request: Her donation is to be a matching donation. She sees the importance of community and has asked that her 2nd donation be a matching fund and wants to see our community step up.

The Giving Tree Campaign

From now until we raise it all, we will be holding our Giving Tree Campaign to raise the matching dollars to our generous donor's gift.

The grand total we will be raising is $50,000.

Our total to build this is $80,000.00. Our anonymous donor gave us 30k to get this started, leaving us with 50k to raise. She has gone above and beyond and is giving us 20k more in matching funds which means that every dollar you give counts for $2 up to $20k. Once we hit that mark we will only have 10k left.

We need all the help we can get in helping to spread the word. Share our campaign with your social network or if you know a local business who would like to get involved and tell them about TruLight.

As you can see, the Giving Tree is bare . . . now. Please help us grow the tree with your donations!

It Takes a Village to Build A Village and we need you now more than ever!


  • $50 Donation
  • $150 Donation - Receive a TruLight127 Ministries T-shirt
  • $300 Donation - Receive 2 TruLight127 Ministries T-shirts
  • $500 Donation - Receive 2 TruLight127 Ministries T-shirts + entry to Run to eRace Child Abuse 5K/10K
  • $750 - Receive a small stepping stone at entrance of the building with your name on it
  • $1000 - Receive a large stepping stone at entrance of the building with your name on it
  • $3000 - We will plant a tree on the property + plaque with your name on it
  • $5000 - Naming rights to one of the rooms within the building
  • $7500 - Naming rights to one of the rooms within the building
  • $10,000 - Naming rights to our TruLight127 foster parent training room
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