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Today, I Witnessed A Miracle

Sondra Ajasin - Monday, November 07, 2016
Today, I Witnessed A Miracle

Today, I witnessed a miracle. Many people think that miracles are not real or that they don’t happen any more. I beg to differ. I see them every day in small and big ways. In my book, today was a big one. I got a phone call from a lady who I will call Mrs. B, who has taken in her grandchildren after CPS removed them yet again from a home with violence, sexual abuse, and drug use. As we talked, she disclosed how much her and her husband loved all four girls (ages 18 months, 2, 5 and 6). Mrs. B stated that she wanted nothing more than to love them and keep them safe.

Mrs. B and her husband have had the children off and on for a couple of years and one since birth. Because of the drug use the mom could not keep her girls safe. Mrs. B spoke of how heartbreaking it was to see them come back into the system hurt even worse than before. We talked about the girls situation and how TruLight127 could help. Mrs. B stated that she just “knew” that she was supposed to call us and she would do what she needed to do to get licensed as a foster/adopt home.

Then Mrs. B broke down and asked how much training classes cost and I informed her that they are free. She then asked about other fees. I told her how much CPR/First Aid, Fire Inspections, Environmental Inspections, and Fingerprints cost (none of these fees are for TruLight127 but go to those entities) and she began to get nervous. She then poured out her heart that they would find a way to pay for everything because the kids needed her and her husband to be strong but money was tight. Mrs. B stated that her husband was working overtime just to make sure ends meet every month. We talked some more and I told her that we would help as much as we could and we ended the conversation.

Shortly after the phone call we had a great guy coming by to drop of hoodies for foster kiddos. We were talking about what TruLight127 is and how we work with kids from hard places. He then said he wanted to make a “small” donation and I asked him if I could use that to go toward this family’s needs so she can get licensed. He asked more questions and we talked and he said how much will those places charge her and I told him. He increased his “small” donation to cover all her costs. This my friends, is a BIG miracle.

I called Mrs. B back and told her what happened. Through her tears she asked that I thank him and stated that “I knew I was supposed to call you guys. I knew that TruLight127 would get us licensed and be an advocate for these girls. I didn’t know a miracle would happen to help us to get there.”

THIS. IS. A. MIRACLE. THIS is God’s love shining through our supporters and donors. Making miracles to show these children and the families that they are not alone. Shining light into their dark world so that they can see His love for them. Miracles happen every day. This donor came in to donate hoodies to keep some awesome kids warm and give them something to call their own. That is miracle enough. Then he saw a need and answered the call. Impacting the lives of four little girls so that they can remain safe and loved in their kinship home.

EVERYONE can #dosomething #fosteradoptsupport #TruLightAngels #everychildisworthit

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