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A big part of the heart of TruLight127 is to support children in Kinship Homes.

For generations, extended families have played significant roles in rearing children when parents are having a difficult time. This is called Kinship Care by Child Protective Services (CPS). These are relatives and other people who the child or family have a significant relationship can often provide children with stability when they can't live with their birth parents.

Kinship caregivers are not given the same kind of support that foster families are given. They are often left struggling for resources. We want to support that family as much as we can so that the children placed there can stay in a stable family environment. We provide resources, trainings, and often license them so that they can receive the support that they need.

What Are the Benefits of Kinship Care?

  • Provides love and care in a familiar setting;
  • Provides parents with a sense of hope that children will remain connected to their birth families;
  • Enables children to live with people they know and trust;
  • Reinforces a child's sense of cultural identity and positive self-esteem;
  • Helps a child make and sustain extended family connections;
  • Continues lifelong family traditions and memories;
  • Supports the child in building healthy relationships within the family;
  • Supports the child's need for safety and well-being; and
  • Creates a sense of stability in the life of a child.
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